Why CrossFit ZOO?

The ZOO is an all inclusive family atmosphere that welcomes you at whatever fitness level you start at.


Everyone is an Athlete @ The ZOO!!

You will be joined by 1 to 9 other like-minded and motivated athletes during your work-out that will continually encourage you to do your best while at the same time performing the same work-out. These other athletes will become your family and your best friends and will encourage you to optimal performance.

Achieve a larger base of “out of the box” skills while discovering strengths you did not know you had.
We excel at making our athletes generalists not specialists. They can adeptly do a multitude of things, instead of doing only one thing well.


These set values & ideas are what drives all of us here @ The ZOO; to provide a service motivated by your results rather than your membership fees.
We want you to show up everyday & perform like the athlete that you are.


-Unleash the Beast-



Shae Tozzo
(Aka "Babob")

Co-Owner/CF-L1 Coach


  I have almost literally spent over half my life in the fitness industry (about 30 plus years). I lettered in Cross Country, Basketball, Track, Weightlifting and Swimming in high school. I started teaching aerobics in 1986 in my parent’s health clubs. In 1989 I entered the army where I taught inclement weather pt (physical training) in basic and then I taught acclimatization pt in A.I.T. at the Defense Language Institute in Monterrey, California.

     After the military I attended the Washington Vo-technical College for a 6 month course on how to properly develop an aerobic program which included designing exercises and picking music with 8 count beats. Since then I have had several aerobic and personal training certifications from ACE, NDETA and ISSA and of course my Level 1 Crossfit Certification.

     I have had my own personal training studio/aerobic studio/Crossfit box in this town for over 21 years. During that time I spent 2 years as the initial aerobic coordinator for a local gym, where I designed the aerobic programs as well as picked the "toys" we used in the classes and hired/fired the instructors.  I volunteered as a physical education teacher for The School of the Kingdom for 7 years. I was also the fitness educator for The Heart of Florida Health Center’s “Lose to WIN” competition in March of 2010.

     I was introduced to CrossFit by my husband over 8 years ago. As a team my husband and I  have worked as judges for the CrossFit Sectionals (2010/2011) before they morphed into the "Open".  Together we have also worked  CrossFit Regionals and the CrossFit Games every year since 2010.  In 2015 I worked the CrossFit Games as a judge for the Masters and Teens and was then promoted to 2nd in command of the Fan Experience work-outs for the second part of the week.  If you wanted to wod (work-out) while you were at the GAMES, you came to see me.

    I have also judged various and a sundry competitions throughout Florida, to include being a head judge at WODAPALOOZA in Miami for the past 7 years, a judge at The Iron Curtain for the past 6 years, The Boy/Girl Challenge (2 years in a row), Beast Mode Battle, a head judge at Bacon Beatdown the last 5 years, a judge at Rep Your Box, and a judge at the Crush Games for the for 4 years.

     I love CrossFit, the lifestyle, the family it creates and the bonding of people through healthy fitness goals. I can think of no better place to be than with athletes or helping people discover their inner athlete. I LOVE what I do and am blessed to make it my life’s work.


A few (but not all) of the competitions I have participated in:

  • Tampa Bay Classic 3 years in a row

  • Body MAXX Figure Competition, 3rd Place

  • Body MAXX Body Building Competition, 1st Place over 30

  • Lakeland Couples Body Building (with my father), 2nd Place

  • Ocala Marathon 4:36:15

  • Turkey Trot (multiple years)

  • Reindeer Run (multiple years)

  • Kimberley's Cottage 5k

  • Gasparilla 5k

  • Iron Curtain, 2nd Place Masters

  • The CF Open (Of Course)

  • NAGA – over 30 – mixed martial arts (3rd place)

  • Savage Race 2012

  • Mud Run 2011

  • Muderella 2014

  • Color Run 5k 2015

  • Battle By The Beach - Team

  • Thoroughbred Throwdown

Dave Tozzo
(AKA "Papa Dave")

Co-Owner/CF-L1 Coach


Papa Dave was a gym rat most of his life, bicycling to work and to the gym.

He was a marine from 1981-1985 and was present during the bombing of the barracks in Beirut.

Marion County Fire Fighter 1987-present with the current rank of Lieutenant.

Became a personal trainer in 2002 working in his wife’s personal training studio until it was closed and turned into the ZOO.


Staffed Events

  • 2010 Dirty South Sectionals and Dirty South Regional’s and Games Judge

  • 2011 Dirty South Regional’s Equipment set-up (WOD set-up) person in charge underneath Todd Lynch, Games Judge and wod set up volunteer

  • 2012 Dirty South Regional’s in charge of gear set-up and 2012 Masters Games Judge

  • 2012-2016 head judge with wife at Wodapalooza

  • 2013-2015 in charge of gear set up at CrossFit Games – score keeping faction of the judging team

  • 2013 judge – Crush Games, Fall Free for All, head judge at Bacon Beat Down



  • CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer since 2007

  • Burgener Weightlifting Certification

  • Kelly Starr Mobility Certification

  • Dutch Lowry’s Programming Certification


Competitions Competed

  • Ocala Marathon 3 Times,

  • Various Body Building competitions winning a mixed pair

  • Mudd Run

  • Savage Race

  • Reindeer run

  • Mixed Martial arts competition 2nd place NAGA event


Wake up and Workout.


Our Address:

2913 NE Jacksonville Rd.

Ocala, FL 34479



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